Carly Coburn is a lifelong Washingtonian; She was born in Bremerton, spent her elementary and early middle school years in Camas, and finished off middle school and attended some high school in Vancouver. Her parents were teens when she was born, and she was later adopted by her maternal grandparents. She is the eldest of six. Carly dropped out of high school right after turning 16, because she was needed at home to help care for her grandma. She later received her GED in November of 2006.


After turning 18 Carly became an officially trained caregiver for her grandma. By 19, Carly and her family learned that her grandpa had developed cancer, and she began caring for him as well. Three days after Carly’s 20th Birthday in 2008, her grandpa passed away. Carly’s grandma died a month and three days later. 


Carly and Brice lived in College Place for a few years and eventually found their true home in Pasco. In 2017 Carly discovered the active political and activist communities growing in the Tri-Cities.


Carly became treasurer of the Tri-Cities Young Democrats in February 2017, and served as the chair in 2018. She was also the treasurer of the now former 4th Congressional District PAC. She also became the First vice-chair of the Franklin County Democrats in 2018, and also serves as one of their state committee members. Carly has also served on the Platform Committee of the LPO as well as having formerly been the chair of the Elections Committee. Carly is also the First vice-chair of the 16th Legislative District. She also serves as First vice chair of the WSDCC Disability Issues caucus and as Eastern WA vice chair of the Stonewall caucus. Additionally, Carly has experience, and has worked on several local campaigns; ranging from city council to LD races. 


Carly isn’t only involved in partisan politics; she is a fierce disability advocate, she is heavily involved in the Tri-Cities LGBTQ+ community, and spends many hours volunteering for multiple non-profit organizations. Since March Carly has been working on temporary assignment for United Way of Benton and Franklin Counties as a Census Educator, doing outreach. She has also dedicated time and energy during the COVID-19 crisis to volunteer with a local mutual aid network in the Tri-Cities.


Carly is running on a platform dedicated to healthcare affordability and accessibility in rural communities, affordable housing, and increasing the standard of living for disabled and low income Washingtonians. In Eastern Washington all of us, statistically, die earlier than we should and for preventable reasons; that’s why everyday in Olympia Carly will fight for affordable and accessible healthcare in the 16th LD. In Washington state, we have an incredibly low percentage of available apartments; many in our state, including Carly, are renters. She wants to make sure that all families are able to access affordable and adequate housing. With the stalling on the Disability Integration Act in D.C., it’s up to lawmakers in Washington to fight for integrated housing for disabled adults, and creating more low-income housing and rentals for our low income Washingtonians.


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